SMB Roundtable Social Media Expert Lon Safko 08/10 by VALCOR

SMB Roundtable Social Media Expert Lon Safko 08/10 by VALCOR.

The SMB Roundtable welcomes best-selling Author Lon Safko, who fits the true definition of “Guru”.

Social Media is not a ‘fad’ or something “for the kids”. SMB owners who do not keep up will be left behind & will lose marketshare.

Lons’ latest best-selling book “The Social Media Bible,” unlocks the mysteries of Social Media for business (#1 on Amazons Business & Marketing list.)

Best selling Author, award winning Engineer, Inventor, Creator, and Entrepreneur, Lon’s inventions and work are featured in the Smithsonian. He designed the archetypes for Microsofts Operating Systems and Apples Newton.

Lon is a professional speaker in over 100 cities & privately coaches Fortune 1,000 companies on “Innovative Thinking and Social Media Strategies”.

Founder of 14 successful companies & recipient of many prestigious awards, including The Westinghouse Entrepreneur of the Year, Arizona Innovation Networks Network of the Year, twice nominated for Ernst & Youngs/Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur of the year.

Lon has been featured in Entrepreneur,PC Novice, Inc., & Popular Science just to name a few, & recently selected by the Smithsonian to represent “The American Inventor” at their annual conference.

Lon is also a professional blogger for FastCompany, the first Amassador for SCORE, and is on USATodays CEO Advisory Board.


About Valcor

David H. Sussman M.A. is CEO at Valcor Arbitration Services, a business restructuring, mediation and capital acquisition firm.Valcor works with small businesses to save them from bankruptcy and litigation. David is also one of the principal trainers for the Valcor Licensee Training Program. This program provides independent licensees with training, support and intellectual property to use Valcor's proven systems to help struggling local businesses throughout North America. Valcor has been featured in multiple news outlets including The Los Angeles Times, The Denver Post, The Chicago Sun Times, CNN Money, and dozens of other publications. David is a featured guest on multiple business radio programs, including Money Matters and Business Today. Born and raised in London, England, David emigrated with his family in 1977. He is a father of 2 sons, an avid hiker and a pianist.
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