About Valcor

The consulting and Licensee programs at Valcor Arbitration Services have been instrumental in helping small businesses survive since 1994. Valcor provides financial services, business restructuring, mediation and capital acquisition to companies that have cash flow problems. The overriding goal for Valcor is to save business entities and prevent litigation. Valcor takes tremendous pride in the ability to save small businesses and employees jobs.

Valcor trains individuals to provide this business in their local city as part of the Valcor Licensee Training Program. Please inquire for details: 877-2VALCOR or ValcorWorldwide.com.

Valcor, Saving Businesses Since 1994

Due to the economic contractions across all commercial industries, Valcor is currently focusing on expanding their Licensee network worldwide. Since 1994, Valcor has periodically implemented high level training and it’s Licensees have consistently provided consulting services to business owners throughout North America, The Caribbean, and the United Kingdom.

Valcor does not provide any form of debt settlement or consumer remodification programs. For assistance with personal debt, please contact your local non-profit credit counseling service.


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