Hyperinflation Threat and Small Business

Businesses owners generally are not economists.  They are more worried about meeting payroll, taxes, insurance and growing their business.

Hyperinflation? Just a term for the “sky is falling crowd!”

There are those that believe hyperinflation is coming, each with their own series of facts and data to substantiate their positions.

According to a sobering report from the National Inflation Association, there are many reasons to be worried, and the news of potential imminent doom isn’t far flung into the future. “In our estimation, the most likely time frame for a full-fledged outbreak of hyperinflation is between the years 2013 and 2015”. (NIA, 3/26/11)

With the sheer amount of money being printed and flooding the economy (see chart below from the Fed Reserve Bank of St. Louis), the decreasing value of the U.S. Dollar will start to show its effect in commodity pricing which will have a detrimental effect on families and those living on fixed incomes.

According to the New York Times, April 11, 2011, economists are still trying to determine the longer-term economic impact of higher prices, including the current gasoline pricing.

“Once we cross the $4 threshold, the pain will become more palpable, and it is going to show up more noticeably in the reduction in future consumer spending,” said Bernard Baumohl, the chief global economist for the Economic Outlook Group. He predicted that “spending on discretionary goods will be diminishing as the price of gasoline keeps moving higher.”

What the article is discussing is the beginning stages of a slowdown in spending. Discretionary income is what people have to spend on food, products and fuel. When they simply cannot afford to fill their tank or buy food, people’s lifestyles are affected.

In his controversial blog The Truth About Hyperinflation, Cullen Roche (who does not believe hyperinflation is coming) explains:

“Contrary to popular opinion, deficit spending and high government debt levels are not the actual cause of a hyperinflation.  In most cases they have been the result of other exogenous events such as ceding of monetary sovereignty, war, rampant corruption or regime change.  It is these exogenous events that result in the public’s rejection of the currency, a collapse in the tax system and the government response of printing more money to fill in the confidence void.  Ultimately the confidence void cannot be filled and the currency is fully rejected by the public in the form of hyperinflation.”

Hyperinflation Defined

Hyperinflation occurs when a currency rapidly drops in value. Gradual inflation is normal and in fact welcome by investors and speculators. Hyperinflation is the devaluing of a sovereign currency which leads to prices spiraling out of control. Hyperinflation has happened many times in history. Commonly cited examples are the pre-World War II German Weimar Republic and Zimbabwe.

There are those that believe the economic laws are as real as the laws of gravity; specifically, when governments print more money that the economy can absorb, prices of goods and services will increase dramatically.

As the value of the currency that is printed en large decreases in value, the inflation is evident and confidence in the currency collapses.  This can lead to a widespread destabilization of the economy and society.

Most recent example of hyperinflation according the Business Insider:

“Zimbabwe’s annual inflation rate stood at 516 quintillion percent, according to The Telegraph. At one point the bank printed Zimbabwean dollars with a 100 trillion denomination so shoppers didn’t have to lug around sacks of cash.

Why: The nation’s inflation rate spiral went out of control because of President Mugabe’s which involved unmitigated government spending financed by theReserve Bank of Zimbabwe.  Mugabe in turn blamed US and EU sanctions for the country’s economic chaos.

How it ended: In 2009 the government abandoned Zimbabwean dollars that had essentially become junk currency and allowed the use of the South African rand and the US dollar.”


As demonstrated in this article, there are respected people who believe the U.S., which is continuing their Quantitative Easing programs (the flooding of financial institutions with printed cash buying up bonds and other financial instruments) and easy monetary policies, is barreling toward the inevitably of hyperinflation.

Others say no, the Fed, following current political decisions based on Keynesian theories on the economy, will resolve the threat.

The danger however is the rush up in commodity prices, such as gold and other precious metals. While people are already feeling the pinch of $4 gas prices, the reports of potential $5 a gallon prices should be concerning. This wil undoubtedly cause a slowdown in consumer and business spending, while product prices will soar. The cost of transportation, which is built in to all products, is already at the breaking point.

The potential of hyperinflation is very real and business owners should be aware, at the very least, of the threat.

Who’s right? Let’s hope the answers are not found in history books costing thousands of dollars.

(A terrific read on this is an interview with Marc Faber on the Federal Reserve and Hyperinflation.)

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An Unrecoverable Recovery?

Official portrait of Federal Reserve Chairman ...

Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman

The Schizophrenic news reports of the economy are starting to make us “Lay Economists” realize what we all believed all along is actually fact: The mainstream media and Gov’t officials are actually quite clueless to what Small Business Owners are really facing. Business owners are dealing with continued stagnation while decreasing cash flow and limited credit sources.

We are usually able to decipher a real story through the “political lenses” now commonplace from most news outlets.

This is nothing new… For example, you may recall the news leading up to the 2004 U.S. Presidential election (Bush/Kerry) with reports stating that the (increasing) employment numbers (Unemployment was at 5.4%) in the jobs reports were being called“the worst economy since Herbert Hoover” (the U.S. President during the ‘Great Depression‘).

The Mainstream Media (MSM) all seemed to delightfully run with this story, although they would say “we are just reporting the news”.

What are they reporting now?

Now, during what is evidently clear to most non-partisans, we ARE in the worst economy since the Hoover Administration, and in fact, some would say things are even worse. However what IS being reported is that we are apparently actually in a recovery!

According to the Fed, we are experiencing growth, low inflation and improving job numbers. (Has anyone at the Federal Reserve filled their own gas tank lately, or bought a gallon of milk?… Gas and Food, the 2 biggest expenses, are not included in inflation statistics!)

Why do I use the term Schizophrenic? Well, it’s been several years since I relied solely on the MSM for my daily intake of news. According to recent polls, I am not alone. However, I would want to think that at least the Federal Reserve would be reliable.

Unfortunately, the Federal Reserve, lead by the bullish Ben Bernanke have members who seem to have different opinions as to what is really happening in the largest economy in the world – in some cases 180 degrees different.

The Truth Leaking From the Fed

This week a sobering report by Richard Fisher, President of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank, painted a bleak and concerning picture regarding the potentially imminent “insolvency of the United States of America“. This is not a “doom and gloom” type report, the likes we see from Faber and Roubini, both who are well respected in their own right. This is a report by a Federal Reserve Official!

We do not claim to know all aspects of the U.S. economy. There are certainly some sectors that are seeing some incremental level of improvement.

Yes, the largest corporations and banks, many of whom benefited from the bail outs are now showing profits, dividends are up and shareholders are pleased, as it evident in the broader stock market.

Factory orders have been slowly increasing (although todays report shows otherwise). Unemployment is arguably improving. This isn’t simply due to people getting jobs, but also related to peoples benefits expiring and people having given up looking. Even with these numbers decreasing, the U-6 True UE# still sits above 16%.

You recall the saying “every dead cat bounces”? The sheer amount of capital invested into the economy through TARPthe StimulusQuantitative Easing I and II had to have even a minimal effect, which is all it appears to be – Minimal.

The Current Crisis

In the meantime, the U.S. National Debt has exploded to over $14 TRILLION (almost $5 Trillion in the last 2 years alone) which equals the entire U.S Economy! This is causing concern with the U.S. Credit Rating. Any downgrade of the U.S. Credit Rating will cause interest rates to skyrocket causing an already slow economy to virtually come to a standstill.

Meanwhile, small business owners do not have the luxury of bail-outs, tax payer subsidies, or the whims of the politicians ‘ear-marking”. They are only as strong as their balance sheet and cash flow and with business loans harder to qualify, business owners no longer can rely on ‘back up’ lines of credit.

We applaud efforts to initiate lending through the SBA, although the promised $30 Billion has yet increase levels of lending. Many businesses have had their corporate credit lowered due to their challenges and slowdown in receivables, and therefore are unable to even qualify.

From our perspective as small business consultants, we are seeing nothing less than catastrophic results on the street. Many business owners are trying to find a way, anyway, to stay solvent and meet their obligations to creditors.

The livelihood of their employees depend on it. Unfortunately, as commercial and residential loans continue to default, banks are continuing to close their doors and remaining banks remain skittish and unable to lend.

Our network of Licenses all seem to agree, what is actually happening on the ground is the true representation of the economy. After all, over 80% of jobs are relying on small business, to stay solvent. At this time, with receivables still slow, lending all but non-existent, and  companies still sitting on trillions in cash yet scared to spend, small businesses are not feeling the benefits of the attempts at recovery.

Small business owners may have to continue hunkering down for some time.

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The Tale of Two Economy’s

The Tale of Two Economy’s

While larger businesses are starting to recover, the small business is still under tremendous pressure.
Valcor Business Mediation and Restructuring


PRLog (Press Release) – Jan 10, 2011 – As we enter 2011, we are seeing an unprecedented and ominous pattern, in relation to business: “The tale of two economy’s”, where there are two separate trends occurring. 

1. Larger Companies are seeing a slow, yet upward ‘recovery’. Some factory orders are up from their all time lows, and there is a small increase in the consumer confidence index. Larger companies have increased profits by slashing costs and shareholders are seeing the benefits, as demonstrated in stock prices increasing.

2. Small businesses, however, are not enjoying the same indicators as their larger counterparts. The number of small business that either closed their doors or declared bankruptcy in 2010 hit a recent record – the many business owners who “survived” 2010 are now looking for any signs of increased business. Meanwhile, they have copied the same tactics as the larger companies, thereby cutting overhead and payroll.

Due to the economy, at Valcor, our business has never been in more demand. Working with small business owners we are hearing concerns across the board, from lack of slowdown in receivables, lack of financing options as well as the increased cost of goods and services.

Our goal is to help the business owner through the process by providing solutions: Business Debt Mediation. We take the pressure off our client’s business and work with their creditors to resolve the problem, outside of court and the costly litigation. In many cases, we are able to secure financing that will ensure continuous working capital.

Capital Acquisition sources are available through Valcor’s Licensee Training Program. Qualified clients can have access to multiple lending sources ranging from leasing, factoring, loans and financing vehicles. In many cases, Valcor’s clients were unable to secure financing on their own through traditional methods. Now, they have options, through a certified Business Mediation Consultant.

Due to the local business climate, Valcor is now seeking a Qualified Licensees who are looking to start up their own full service financial consulting business.

Valcor’s CEO, David H. Sussman stated in his interview on Money Matters http://valcorworldwide.com/media.php “The small business owner is under siege. They have reduced expenses, laid off employees and tried to work with their Vendors to prevent litigation. Now, with no cash flow, they are finding their backs against the wall. These are good people who have started, grown and reinvested in a business.”

“It is an emotional and highly stressful time. We take our roll very seriously in helping these businesses get through this challenging. The result is that the business stays solvent, is able to continue working with their vendor or bank and in most cases, have not had to lay off their employees. It is undoubtedly rewarding and gratifying.” 

For details on the unique and highly regarded Valcor Programs, please contact Valcor today.

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Business Restructuring for the (less than) 100 Employee Firms

Business Restructuring Assisting Small Business Owners During Worst Economy in 70 Years

Author: Jennifer Sloan

A supposed recovery is underway, yet small business owners are seeing debt levels increase and accounts receivable slow.

  • Historically in previous recessions, what created jobs in a recovery was small business. It is widely accepted that the under 100 employee business is the lifeblood of the economy.
  • Economists are now in a panic. We are not seeing the growth necessary for a true recovery to take place. Small businesses have become the Achilles heel of the U.S. recovery by limiting growth and job creation.
  • With REAL unemployment rates hovering around 17%, the hopes of recovery have all but faded.

Business Restructuring can provide solutions for small business owners who are now suffering through this lackluster recovery. While there are plenty of law firms, collection agencies and banks contacting business clients demanding payment, who does a small firm have to turn to for assistance.

In today’s economy, companies throughout North America are experiencing an increased number of cases where the business owners are under siege. From slowdowns in accounts receivable, credit line decreases which affect working capital and a general pessimistic outlook for the future, the number of business owners in trouble are growing.

Ensure that a Business Restructuring firm has the certification and credentials behind it when considering working with a Consultant. Legitimate Business Restructuring Firms will not charge your company any upfront fees and earn a fee only in the case of a successful resolution. In most cases, businesses are able to reduce debt levels by 30-80% and maintain ongoing relationships with their existing creditors

Keep in mind there are many “debt settlement” firms that exist. These types of businesses cater to consumer credit cards and usually require substantial fees, escrow accounts and policies which risk a consumers credit rating. Legitimate Business Restructuring firms DO NOT provide any form of consumer debt settlement whatsoever. It is suggested that any consumer seeking to reduce their personal debt to contact local non-profit credit counseling agencies found in most communities.

Certified Licensees contact businesses daily who are seeking ways to reduce and restructure their debt levels with existing creditors. The account receivables are slowing and in many cases are disappearing. AR is lifeblood for small business and quickly turns a once viable business creditor into a non-paying business debtor.

Typical Small Business Restructuring Cases:

  • Business Operating from $250k-$50 Million.
  • Company owes to multiple Creditors/Banks.
  • Accounts Receivable has slowed.
  • Morale is down, employees are concerned about becoming laid off.
  • Some cases have resulted in legal proceedings. A certified Business Restructuring Consultant puts a stop!
  • Bankruptcy or the closure of the business is not the course desired by the Client, yet they are facing the real possibility of this becoming a reality.

If your business has been affected by the continuing economic troubles we see in the economy, allow a professionally certified Business Restructuring Consultant provide you with local support. A legitimate firm would charge No Fee is there isn’t a successful resolution of a business debt portfolio. In most cases, businesses are able to reduce debt levels by 30-80% and maintain ongoing relationships with their existing creditors

In addition, highly valuable financing options through unique lending opportunities may be provided. Direct contacts with multiple lenders throughout North America who have a myriad of financing options can provide much needed cash flow at a time when there are little options.

Typical cases include small businesses operating up to $50 Million per year. Due to short cash flow, slowing AR and non-payment from clients, the business owner is suddenly facing their own angry creditors, in the form of Attorneys, Bankers and Creditors direct. This has lead to a cancerous morale problem within the clients organization as employees are aware of the impending problems, which in many cases may lead to lay-offs, bankruptcy or even the closure of a company.

With recent turmoil in the economy the typical case loads cover a wide variety of industries-

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Business to Business Acquisitions
  • Inventory Based Business Models
  • Automobile Suppliers
  • Equipment Manufactures
  • Factories/Assembly Plants, etc.

The Business Restructuring Consultant acts as a confidant. They will provide services to the company which include Business Debt Mediation, Restructuring and offer access to little known yet fast and effective lenders to provide working capital and other financing.

Cases usually last from 1-3 weeks and the Consultant is heralded as a savior of the business. In many situations, business owners and their respective Creditors will maintain their ongoing business relationship and continue to trade, offering both sides the ability to prosper for years to come.

The Creditors have multiple resources at their disposal to collect a debt: Collection Agencies, Law Firms, in-house Counsel, etc. Now, the Debtor Business Client has someone on their side to assist in the restructuring of such debts, maintaining the viability of the clients business, saving both sides significant resources in time, money and aggravation, and in most cases, the seasoned Business Restructuring Consultant can maintain the valuable business relationship.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/small-business-articles/business-restructuring-assisting-small-business-owners-during-worst-economy-in-70-years-3804365.html

About the Author

The consulting and Licensee programs at Valcor Arbitration Services have been instrumental in helping small businesses survive since 1994. Valcor provides financial services, business restructuring, mediation and capital acquisition to companies that have cash flow problems. The overriding goal for Valcor is to save business entities and prevent litigation. Valcor takes tremendous pride in the ability to save small businesses and employees jobs.

Valcor trains individuals to provide this business in their local city as part of the Valcor Licensee Training Program. Please inquire for details. (877-2VALCOR ext. 130). ValcorWorldwide.com

Due to the economic contractions across all commercial industries, Valcor is currently focusing on expanding their Licensee network worldwide. Since 1994, Valcor has periodically implemented high level training and it’s Licensees have consistently provided consulting services to business owners throughout North America, The Caribbean, and the United Kingdom.

Valcor does not provide any form of debt settlement or consumer remodification programs. For assistance with personal debt, please contact your local non-profit credit counseling service.

877-2VALCOR (282-5267). www.ValcorWorldwide.com

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Small Business Financing Problems Continue

Downtown LA's office skyscrapers. Including th...

Small Business Financing Problems Continue

The lack of Business Financing continues to have a devastating effect on the economy. Unfortunately, the trend will continue for several more years.

Valcor Licensee Conference


PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 29, 2010 – When it comes to securing capital acquisition, we live in a very small universe. There are countless independent ‘financing consultants’ willing to provide their services in most communities. The finance sources local financing consultants have access to cover multiple financing vehicles ranging from asset based lenders, accounts receivable factoring, equipment financing, among others.

Valcor receives phone calls and emails daily from individual consultants seeking such clients. Simply picking up your local phone directory or searching the internet you will find large numbers of financing consultants in most regions who are all competing for business.

Valcor primarily provides Business Restructuring services to local small businesses who are suffering short cash flow problems due to the economy. Valcor’s Certified and Trained Licensees provides this unique area of expertise which save businesses from litigation, bankruptcy and in many cases, the closing of their doors. This in-turn saves jobs and is good for local communities.

Valcor’s Licensees also have the ability to provide capital sources to clients. While there are countless financing consultants in the community (who are competing against each other for clients), Valcor Licensees are already contracted with existing client companies (providing much needed Restructuring Services) who may also need capital.

In addition to Valcor’s copyrighted and proven Business Restructuring Systems, Valcor’s Licensees are trained and supported to provide direct access to a portfolio of lenders covering many types of financing instruments. In many cases, fees and recurring commissions are provided directly from the lenders (in addition the large fees earned for the Restructuring services.)

Valcor’s Licensees are currently working on cases ranging from five figures to very large portfolios in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The Valcor services enables companies who would otherwise not be in a position to secure financing to now have a complete restructuring and much needed cash-flow infusion, which can keep the business viable.

• To determine if your business is a candidate for Valcor’s services contact Jennifer Sloan at 877-2VALCOR ext. 130 (877-282-5267 ext. 130)

• For details on becoming a certified Valcor Licensee, please contact Mr. Robert Sinclair, VP at 877-2VALCOR ext. 118 (877-282-5267 ext. 118).

‘Valcor – Saving Businesses and Training Consultants Since 1994’

Valcor does not provide any form of ‘consumer debt settlement’ services and recommends individuals seeking such services contact their local non-profit credit counseling centers. Valcor Arbitration Services is not a law firm and does not render legal advice. In the event a lawyer is necessary Valcor has a network of attorneys to handle legal matters.


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Small Business Preparing for Increasing Challenges – Valcor Concerned at Ominous Trends

Small Business Preparing for Increasing Challenges – Valcor Concerned at Ominous Trends

Small business owners are asking “Is there a bottom in sight?” Simply put; No. In the decades Valcor has provided small business Debt Mediation services, the economic trends have never looked so disturbing.



PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 01, 2010 – As we are about to celebrate the U.S. Independence Day, the Consultants and Licensees at Valcor Arbitration Services have been discussing the extremely concerning and irrefutable trends in the U.S. Economy

Valcor works with small businesses to provide alternatives to litigation and bankruptcy through work-outs and business debt mediation. Valcor enables small and medium sized companies to survive, keeping their employees on payroll and establishing sources of capital acquisition.

Valcor’s Senior Management and Consultants work with small and medium enterprises throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

Brent Kahlen, Valcor’s Executive Director stated “In 30 years of helping business owners, I have never seen so many companies in trouble. Some unfortunately are simply too far gone and we are unable to help. Many, however, we contact at the perfect time, using our copyrighted systems to identify those that urgently need our services. Once we qualify them, we are able to turn their business around, in many cases within 2-3 weeks and the business owners are grateful.”

“The incredible rewards that we enjoy are beyond financial; We know we have kept a business viable and operational, and the thousands of workers who rely on their employers to stay solvent, would otherwise be laid off. In today’s high unemployment economy, is a great feeling! I cannot tell you how appreciative our clients are. It’s heartwarming”.

The ominous trends that have the officers at Valcor pessimistic are numerous. Valcor’s CEO, David Sussman, M.A. stated “We are amazed at how severe this economic downturn is and continues to be for small business. While the big Fortune 500 corporations have cut payrolls, enjoyed government bailouts, or closed under-performing business units, the small business owners do not have the same options. Many business owners rely on local banks to secure financing.  With the number of defaults increasing in both commercial property and lines of credit, banks are simply not lending anymore to small business. This is causing a severe problem for those businesses that rely on banks to provide working capital. Alternative lending sources are now king.”

Mr. Sussman continues “We are working directly with commercial banks. While banks are not lending much money they are in major collection efforts. Bottom line, banks are simply trying to shore up their accounts and survive.”

“The fact is, according to the FDIC, we have seen over 80 bank failures year to date, which has surpassed bank failures this time last year, and  2009 was a record year.”

The team at Valcor works directly with business clients and indirectly through a network of trained Licensees throughout North America. The Valcor Business Debt Mediation Licensee Training Programs, which have been provided since 1994, have allowed accomplished business consultants the ability to provide the Valcor systems locally. Valcor enjoys “Merged Accounts” working directly with Licensees and their clients.

Mr. Sussman states “While the U.S. economy appears to be mired in malaise, the global economic crisis is growing which will only continue to exasperate the U.S. problems.”

“Obviously we see how the European financial problems are effecting the U.S., which is leading to lowered demand for U.S. products. However, the problems are larger than Europe. China’s explosive growth has benefited the U.S. as they have been able to buy the ever-increasing and alarming U.S. debt load. What happens if/when China slows down, which reports signaled this week, is now happening. China will no longer continue to buy U.S. debt at the paltry interest rate levels offered. Therefore, the U.S. will not have a choice other than to increase interest rates.”

“The effect on the already poor economy can be devastating as the U.S. consumer based economy may come to a literal halt. Housing markets, already in turmoil can collapse. Commercial property, already in a sea of red ink will become the downfall for many banks teetering on the edge. All forms of consumer goods that rely on low interest financing, including automobiles will no longer be affordable. Austerity can become the norm.”

“This isn’t an economic doomsayer talking… it’s a generally optimistic business consultant who sees economic realities on a macro level. Frankly, it’s scary, and everyone should understand what is potentially on the horizon.”

The Valcor team and their network of Licensees will continue to provide their assistance to small and medium sized businesses as the number of clients grows each day.

Valcor does not render legal advice, and works directly with law firms working on behalf of their clients. Valcor does not provide any form of personal “debt settlement” or personal “loan re-modification” programs. They strongly urge any person seeking these services to work with their local non-profit credit counseling services.

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Lemonade Out of Lemons

Bureau of Labor Statistics


We often speak with budding Entrepreneurs who have either just lost their job, or are worried about imminently being laid-off. One company was reported to say to their Employees that they were all to take a 20% pay cut… of course if they didn’t like it; they knew where the door was.

As of this last week, we have the highest level of unemployment in over 25 years at 8.9%. However, these numbers are massaged to retard the true carnage. The real numbers are closer to 15.8% according to the Governments’ own Bureau of Labor Statistics. Therefore, there are literally tens of millions of people, many highly paid professionals, who are now starting rethink their careers.  The incredibly large number of recently downsized people, (Economic Policy Institute estimates over 7,000,000 jobs are needed to get back to pre-recession employment) demonstrates that companies are continually looking for ways to decrease overheads and that means staff. Many people are now doing 2-3 persons jobs, but for less money. As shortsighted as this thinking is for the company, many organizations are running in lean/mean survival mode. The prepared Executive knows this, and more people are seriously considering what their options will be if and when they become unemployed.

While there is a very real possibility your job may be at risk, fear shouldn’t prevent you from making contingency plans now. Always keep in mind, if and when you become unemployed, you will still have your expertise, experience and most importantly, options.  Whatever your experience may be, it is a marketable skill set that will set you apart from others. Now is the time to take action. Take some time and compile a list of your talents, experience and connections.


If you are not comfortable with newer technologies in social networking, LEARN NOW. Social Sites are not a fad or over hyped technology. These are the new dynamic ways we are and will be communicating.


In fact, newer technologies are already being invented which will be one stop shops for all social media. The old days of meeting at the local Chamber mixers, passing out linen business cards are probably over. So don’t get too far behind. Put a personal page on LinkedIn, Facebook and start an account on Twitter. These are free, and once you become comfortable with the environments, they can be very effective. Create a brand for yourself. Ask yourself: Who are you? What is your expertise and how can you help other people? Anything you do on these sites should revolve around one important question: What can I do or say that will HELP OTHERS. If you come across as being purely self-serving, you won’t get very far.


The biggest mistake that people make during this process is thinking they don’t have skill sets that are in demand or of any interest to anyone else.  That’s wrong! Think about all the abilities that you have developed over the past several years in your job/hobbies, etc.

What have you been doing? How can you share that information with other people who may be in your industry and may not have as much experience as you? Find the niche groups that caters to your experience. Promote yourself through ASSISTING others within these groups. People on these sites will appreciate you providing answers to questions. You will soon become a respected guru in your field and your connections with others will increase, thereby your potential opportunities.


For some people, now is one of the best times to consider starting a new business. There are many opportunities to start a business, but keep in mind the failure rate for those that start on a limited budget. The longer it takes to learn how to run a business, the more likely the business will fail. Many people will then take a look at Franchising or a similar Business Opportunity program that provides support and assistance, which can increase the likelihood of success. After all, these time proven systems provide a step by step approach.

However, money for high end franchising concepts is becoming harder to borrow. The credit crisis has slowed down many people’s desire to purchase high cost franchises, so other options should be considered, including lower cost business opportunities and training programs.

In the meantime, continue to grow and develop yourself, either in the field you are in, or in a new exciting field in which you have had interest. Make yourself more valuable this year than you were last year. Know that you are someone who has a lot to offer, wherever you are employed by others, or you are about to embark on the exciting endeavor of owning your own business.

Make lemonade out of lemons, and use the current economy to benefit you and your family. And when you are running your own successful business or in another field that is rewarding, don’t forget to call your old Boss and say “Thanks!”.

Best of luck in your endeavors!


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