SMB Roundtable SCORE Chair Michael Scotto 08/31 by VALCOR | Blog Talk Radio

SMB Roundtable SCORE Chair Michael Scotto 08/31 by VALCOR | Blog Talk Radio.

Do you have what it takes to be a SMB Owner? Learn about SCORE and how they can help for free.

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SMB Roundtable: Is OSHA Hurting Small Business 08/18 by VALCOR | Blog Talk Radio

SMB Roundtable: Is OSHA Hurting Small Business 08/18 by VALCOR | Blog Talk Radio.

Mike Rubell, MBA, President of theSaftey Compliance Instititute joinsValcor CEO David Sussman at the SMB Roundtable.

We will discuss how increased regulations, punitive fines and oversight by the Department of Labors OSHA is affecting small business. 

Mike Rubell is national authority in the field of occupational safety and health. As founder of the National Compliance Institute Mr. Rubell has implemented programs that have served thousands of companies nationwide. With numerous health and safety certifications, Mr. Rubell is a safety trainer for OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, an agency of the US government.

A distinguished national speaker and instructor at universities, the US Air Force and Department of Justice.

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SMB Roundtable Social Media Expert Lon Safko 08/10 by VALCOR

SMB Roundtable Social Media Expert Lon Safko 08/10 by VALCOR.

The SMB Roundtable welcomes best-selling Author Lon Safko, who fits the true definition of “Guru”.

Social Media is not a ‘fad’ or something “for the kids”. SMB owners who do not keep up will be left behind & will lose marketshare.

Lons’ latest best-selling book “The Social Media Bible,” unlocks the mysteries of Social Media for business (#1 on Amazons Business & Marketing list.)

Best selling Author, award winning Engineer, Inventor, Creator, and Entrepreneur, Lon’s inventions and work are featured in the Smithsonian. He designed the archetypes for Microsofts Operating Systems and Apples Newton.

Lon is a professional speaker in over 100 cities & privately coaches Fortune 1,000 companies on “Innovative Thinking and Social Media Strategies”.

Founder of 14 successful companies & recipient of many prestigious awards, including The Westinghouse Entrepreneur of the Year, Arizona Innovation Networks Network of the Year, twice nominated for Ernst & Youngs/Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur of the year.

Lon has been featured in Entrepreneur,PC Novice, Inc., & Popular Science just to name a few, & recently selected by the Smithsonian to represent “The American Inventor” at their annual conference.

Lon is also a professional blogger for FastCompany, the first Amassador for SCORE, and is on USATodays CEO Advisory Board.

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NFIBs Bill Dunkelberg joins David Sussman at the SMB Roundtable

Listen to internet radio with VALCOR on Blog Talk Radio
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Small Business Roundtable Laurence Isaac Balter 07/27 by VALCOR | Blog Talk Radio

Listen Live: 11:30 a.m. PDT, Wednesday July 27.

Small Business Roundtable Laurence Isaac Balter 07/27 by VALCOR | Blog Talk Radio.

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Your Summer “Economic-Crisis” Movie Guide

“In 2008, the fate of the world’s economy was decided in a matter of weeks”.

Too Big To Fail, HBO Films, 2011.

William Hurt as Hank Paulson

For anyone concerned about the economic thin-ice the U.S. and the global economy are on, you may enjoy the “trifecta” of films detailing the financial collapse in 2008, which lead to the deepest and most damaging recession since the 1930’s.

A year ago “House of Cards”, a CNBC documentary focused on the residential sub-prime mortgage debacle, backed by Wall Street with the full and implicit approval of congress.

What lead up to the financial crisis.

It details the repeal of the very protections that the U.S. economy had enjoyed for 70 years: And how it led to the collapse. In 1999 the very powerful financial services lobby headed by Robert Rubin (Citigroup and Clinton Economic Advisor) pushed congress to pass the Banking Reform Act of 1999 which repealed the Glass-Steagall Act (or the lynchpin of the Banking Reform Act of 1933).

Commercial Banks (community banks that offer mortgages and business loans) and Investment Banks (Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, Lehman Bros.) were now able to invest in each other which lead to establishing funds which bought Collateralized Mortgage Obligations, of course considered safe due to the un-Newtonian expectation that Real Estate would always continue to appreciate. It goes on to detail how the greed from Wall Street helped mortgage companies innovate highly risky mortgage vehicles, and along with a good dose of social engineering (“every person has the right to own a home”), Wall Street sowed its own demise.

Inside Job now on YouTube

A highly effective documentary narrated by Matt Damon features interviews with dozens of politicians, members of the U.S. Treasury, the Federal Reserve, International and U.S. Banks, the I.M.F., University Professors, and many others.  Many of these people had a direct impact on the collapse.The most common reaction to this film is incredulity, anger, resentment and passionate debate, no matter what your political stripes. One thing all sides do agree on was the lack of control by all parties and a total disregard for the warning signs, most likely due to political expediency and greed.


HBO’s telling of Andrew Sorkin’s 600 page book provides a highly compelling, concise even-handed story featuring a star-studded presentation. If there is an antagonist in the story, it is Lehman Bros. CEO, Richard Fuld (James Woods). However, the real antagonist is the system and how close it came to complete collapse.

“If they don’t stop this crisis, soon there will be no milk on the shelves”.

The story concludes mentioning the after-effects (in which we are all very much living) and creates a tremendous sense of foreboding, as the decisions made in this crisis created something much larger and more dangerous than existed before the crisis: Larger banks that are too big to save. In this age of austerity measures causing widespread riots in Europe, the question in every viewers mind is “what would happen if there’s a systemic bank run, and how safe are we… really?”.

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June 19, 2011:

First the Reality: (and it’s not pretty).

It seems the news about the economy is going from bad to worse. We all have seen the statistics, as well as individually felt the pain:

  • The “Misery Index”, a barometer measuring unemployment combined with inflation is at the worst level in 28 years.

The reality is this economy has lead small business owners to have a very pessimistic view of their future! NFIB Research Foundation June Report (See Video and charts here).



At Valcor, while we are working directly with Business Owners and their companies, we are aware that we are also dealing with PEOPLE. Business owners are living, breathing human beings with families, homes, overheads and all the worry and stress that are normal with with such responsibilities. In addition, they worry about their employees, and in many cases, feel responsible for them.


One of the first things we do when we meet a business client is to determine how THEY are, not just as business, but as a person. Of course we are business Consultants, hired to do a restructuring in an effort to SAVE their business. But it goes deeper. We are aware that we are dealing with a human being that is also experiencing a massive number of stressors, in some cases, at the highest level ever experienced. We know that as humans, we all react differently. Our childhood environments and upbringings have all taught us different survival modes, and some unfortunately are not so healthy.

By LISTENING and BEING A SHOULDER TO LEAN ON, this allows a real rapport to be established. We then can focus on SOLUTIONS to our clients’ business problems, using the VALCOR SYSTEM for Business Restructuring, Mediation and Capital Acquisition.

Our goal is to provide alternatives to the results of their problem, which could potentially include bankruptcy, litigation, or even the closure of a business.

The good news is that our Licensees are reporting more successful resolutions to cases each day and the substantive fees that are earned.

With today’s economy, there are more cases today than anytime in the past 20 years –


Taking action is critical. Many clients are frozen by fear and an overwhelming sense of worry. We initiate the communication with our clients banks, business creditors and law firms. By following our proven, step by step system, we enable a resolution to take effect, which ultimately results in both sides moving forward in a business relationship, and our client can GET BACK TO THEIR BUSINESS.

In the sea of negative news, at Valcor, our network of certified Licensees are a port in a storm.

If your business needs help during this tumultuous time, contact Valcor today and a local Licensee can help you determine if we are able to assist you. The process is quick and our qualification systems are effective.

And as always, No Success/No Fee!

Taking action is a choice – The number one reason a business fails is that a business owner ignores the problem until it become to big, and then it may be too late.

Valcor: Saving Businesses since 1994. 


MARKETS AVAILABLE. Please contact Valcor today

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